Is this girl interested in me as more than a friend?

she looks at me a lot
-laughs at my jokes
she waited for me to finish work and walked up with me
she nipped my back while she was behind me
she barged her chair into back of mine
she tried to sneak up on me and scare me
she waved at me twice at work
she shouts my name when she sees me
she told me a guy was hititng on her and she's popular with the guys


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What Girls Said 1

  • Possibly, it sounds like she's trying to get your attention. Ask her out and see if she accepts.


What Guys Said 1

  • If it was everything except for, "she told me a guy was hititng on her and she's popular with the guys," then I'd say... "Dude, umm, hello?"

    But, since, "she told me a guy was hititng on her and she's popular with the guys" is included, now that means one of two things:

    1. She's like REALLY making her last stand here with you and like desperately trying in frustration for you to just "get it" and have it dawn on you that she's "interested" in you... and if you're also interested, to acknowledge her interest in you, express your interest in her, shower her with some attention and validation (to make up for how friggin' long it took you to realize what she was trying to communicate to you), and to start something together.

    2. She's just practicing her "flirting" skills on guys in general, and as part of that "training" process, she's going around to guys in general (en mass) using her newly-discovered tools of the trade, trying to push buttons, get attention, command attention, get guys to do things for her, see how far she can push guys, pat herself on the back on her ability to manipulate guys, and then move on to the next level resistance level on the step-master... the next challenge.

    To err on the side of caution and be emotionally safe as you're just clearly starting to develop and start off in this area... I would say to just stop, stay away, and walk away from this situation... taking it in as a "learning experience." What did you learn?

    1. The kinds of behaviors girls express to communicate their interest in a guy,

    2. That just because those behaviors are being expressed, doesn't mean that they're necessarily (involuntarily/honestly) communicating interest in the guy, or (genuinely/for good reasons) communicating interest in a guy (e. g., not doing it because they want the guy, but because they want "something from" the guy, like attention, having fun or feeling better about themselves at his expense, etc.).

    It's a valuable lesson, and you don't need to go any further with that whole experience to fully take in that lesson.

    Use it as a learning experience and be happy in the fact that you'll be able to better-recognize these behaviors in the future, and think more critically about "for what underlying reasons" a girl is giving you those behaviors.


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