Is he interested - or not?

Usually I can read guys pretty well, but 2 week ago I met this one guy that is a complete mystery! So I need your help!

We have sort of hooked up two weekends now, he isn't hiding me away and his friends know. After we had been to the club we shared a cab home with some others, and afterwards he asked me if i wanted to take a walk with him to be alone. Of Course i did, and we ended up talking and kissing for almost 2 hours.
He seems generally interested, BUT he isn't talking to me during the weekdays..

So - what do you guys think? Is he, or isn't he interested? And is there someting I shoud do?


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  • Sounds interested to me, but you never know he might just your company plus the boom boom time.


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  • ... But he isn't talking to me during the weekdays...
    If he is Only hitting you up Towards the weekends here, dear, for you are Openly admitting 'We have sort of Hooked up for two weekends now,' it may be that the Only time he is really 'Interested' in talking with you Is... The weekends only.
    Being you both are not in this Real Relationship yet, he probably feels he is his own free bird and can call on you whenever he wants and it seems it is Convenient for him on "Weekends only." He doesn't feel he has to even push a button on his own end to let you even know if he is alive or dead during the week.
    If this bothers you, speak up Now. You don't want it to become this problem pattern down a beaten path where it is Only towards the end of the week he comes a calling, and the other five days are long forgotten, making you feel as though you are as well.
    Good luck. xx


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  • Two weeks is not much to go by. Has he formally asked you out on dates? I'd say as soon he starts going out on dates with you then you'll be able to tell if he's interested or not but if he hasn't actually formally asked you out on a date then it tells me he only sees you as a bit of a friends with benefits.


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