Should I give up?

Met this guy a year ago. I pursued him although I KNEW he was interested in me. That's red flag number 1 (I should've waited for him)! Despite that, we connected somewhat good and hung out multiple times. I think I did drag out our hang outs too often/too much. I should've let him ask to hang out not me do the dirty work that many times. I still knew that he was interested in me!!! He's foreign by the way.. he originally thought I was European like him. That's what caught his eye and he did find me attractive. RED FLAG # 2, when he first got my Facebook, he asked me to go to his house and that he was having a small party which I assume alcohol would be served. We barely knew each other then. RED FLAG # 3. This guy is 4 years older than me. Anyway, he moved away but continued to flirt occasionally. RED FLAG # 4 he mentioned problems about getting a green card.. maybe he thought I was gullible enough to marry him? He moved back here and asked me to visit him at least 3 times!! That's not so bad, I'm glad I'm not pursueing him anymore but on the back of my mind I feel like he's just using me. Possibly using my age to his advantage by thinking I'm a gullible teen girl, maybe it's the green card thing. I really don't know. I feel like he is attracted to me still. I am very attracted to him. There are many good qualities about him, I just feel the bad may out way the positives. Also he rejected me when I told him my age awhile back. Since my birthday & since I'm a year older, he's keeping tabs on me. We went out the other day but I don't even think it was a date. I don't know how to feel about him. He's everything I want in a guy but I feel like I'm being messed around with. And to top it all off, he likes a ton of girl's pictures on Instagram. Maybe he's a player? That's the least bad thing about this. I don't really care about that but It kind of makes me feel sick seeing that. Help me. I just really like him and we connect well. I don't want to be used.


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  • you're being used.


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