Is this guy pulling away because he wants to end things with me or because he's so busy with work?

I've been dating a guy I met online for about 6 weeks. Things have been going great. He would text me constantly every day and about 2 weeks ago he started calling me and talking on the phone for over an hour each time. We seem to click really well and we've been on 4 dates. Right after the last date, he told me that he's enjoyed getting to know me and spending time with me. We've been taking things slowly so we haven't kissed or even held hand yet.

Since Friday (the last date), he hasn't texted me or called me anymore. On Sunday, I texted him asking how his day was and he said he was not feeling well. Monday came along, I texted him asking if he was feeling better and he said his company sent him out of town for work and there's a possibility he might have to relocate and he was feeling stressed. I called him on Monday and Tuesday to talk to him and he didn't answer my call both times but replied with an excuse that he was either out with his colleagues or doing something. He didn't call me back or initiated a conversation through text or made any future plan to see me. He also mentioned that he'd be out of town again over the weekend, which is when I'm normally free to see him.

So do all of these sound to you like things are over between us or is he that busy to not even text me asking about my day. I thought things were going great up to this Friday so I'm not sure what to do. We used to agree to be completely honest and upfront with each other about issues. Should I ask him what's going on between us?


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  • You haven't even kissed after 4 dates? That's not taking it slow that's a friendship in the making at best. He didn't even try to kiss you?

    If I haven't kissed a guy by the third date usually it is because the chemistry just isn't there. I try to at least kiss him though just to make sure.


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