Ex girlfriend keeps asking if I have plans?

My ex girlfriend is seeing a new guy one week after we broke up. We dated for 1 year and 5 months. She is 18 and i am 26. there's a carnival this weekend and she keeps asking if in going. I said maybe ill go on tomorrow (friday) but i dont think that ill be going on Saturday. She had a date with new guy (not in a relationship yet) tomorrow that is Friday they would have eaten out. Now she told me she told him to go to the carnival, same day im going. So i said ill probably go Saturday and she said they wil go Saturday too. I really love this girl with all my heart and i was the one who left her by mistale. We still text often and talk like old times but she said she likes the new excitement of the new guy and is scared i will hurt her again if she comes back to me. Why would she want to be places where i am?


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  • she wants you back.

    • But why not just tell me that? She keeps on saying how crazy this guy is of her but she won't tel me what she really feels. If i ask her then she just says she doubt that we wil get back together. Then she wants to be friends. And now keeps asking me if ill be at the carnival. Im confused what to do

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