Do you think this guy will come around?

I met this guy through work but we don't work directly with each other. We were dating for a month until he ended things. We were seeing each other every week, once or twice. The last date was 2 weeks ago and he told me that he is not sure that he is ready to date and his ex is trying to get full custody of his daughter. I really do understand that, I know how important it is. He told me this on the way to dinner and he still took me to dinner and paid for it. Then he came to my house and we walked to the water, I live on a lake. Then he hugged me and I told him I was sad. He didn't want me to think he was a bad guy and I don't think that. He still wants to hang out sometime and were still friends on Facebook. He still talks to me in the halls at work. I don't know if I can be friends with him or not because I am really sad that its not working out. I haven't found too many guys that I felt this way about. He has only called me once since he ended it and doesnt' text me. He hardly texted before because he has an old phone, a flip phone. He also told me that he doesn't do online dating and that he is not talking to any other woman at work or anywhere. He doesn't want to hold me back and he asked me about other guys I am dating. My friends I talked to don't think were done but doesn't want to get my hopes up. Should I just forget and be friends?


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  • Probably not until the legal problems he's having are in the past

    • Thank you for answering. I wish there was more responses.

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  • You are a smart girl, I can tell by this Amazing Question. However, you have Answered Many of your own Questions here, dear and I Have to Agree with the best answer of All, the writing on the wall With... Should I just forget and be friends?
    Yes, keep it at work, No Overtime after hours, and with a sticky situation like His, you are better off Anyways of keeping it Strictly Business and Nothing more in store. He has a lot on his own plate and it isn't being a Mate with You or anyone right now.
    Good luck and someone better and more deserving And Available will come around for you. xx

    • Thank you and I hope I can find someone. I have not had much luck. xx

    • Oh, so welcome, and just a suggestion, try a reputable Online dating site and set up a nice profile. I still have a husband I had married when I went out to Egypt. He found me over 4 years ago on FB and it was quite an experience. We are still together, although with the Middle East worsening, I have hesitated going back and many problems with him and me and his family we have all encountered of course. Along with FB, I also have dated nice guys online who actually did want a Real relationship. Who knows, you could find Luck and love. xxoo

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