Would you be hesitant to introduce a boyfriend like me to your parents?

I'm 23 and have a tattoo on my upper arm in which you can see with my shirt. I just started college a year and a half ago. Engineering undergrad. Just moved out of my parents house like 6 months ago finally. Would the tattoo and starting college late make you think twice?


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  • It wouldn't be because I was embarrassed by my boyfriend in any way; just I'd potentially not want him to meet my family because they're quite embarrassing. I abhor my stepfather and try not to even talk to him even when I'm home from Uni, so that'd be awkward. My Mum's lovely but kinda weird. And my siblings would embarrass the shit out of me probably.

    The tatoo and starting college late wouldn't be a problem though. If it was just my Mum it'd be fine, she's very chill :)

    • Dad would have an issue though?

    • oh missed that part nvm

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  • Not at all, good for you.😊

  • No.
    Chill it
    It isn't much of a concern

  • this is the weirdest question ever... just sayin

    • My girlfriend hasn't introduced me to her parents yet it's been a while just wondering if this has something to do with it,

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    • i dont know what that means/is

    • She goes to a very prestigious college..

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