Does rejecting a woman for this make me immature?

I was called immature, narrow minded, and petty for this. I won't date a woman who is a fan of a sports team I hate. I went on two dates in the last month. They had on a Seahawks jersey and the other had on a Dodgers jersey. Seeing these two girls in the jerseys, I told them it wouldn't work because I hate your team. They told me I'd be single for a long time because I don't give people a chance. I told them you're right I don't, and walked out. I'm emphatic about this standard. Does this make immature and petty?


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  • Yes. A million times yes. But you are sparing them really, Go CARDS!

  • You pulled a jerry Seinfeld move

    • Uh what?

    • Ever heard the show called Seinfeld? Well anyways Jerry broke up with a bunch of girls over things like
      1. For having “man hands.”
      2. For eating peas one pea at a time.
      3. For wearing the same dress every day. (Actually, she dumped him after she found him snooping in her closet.)
      4. For being a low talker.
      5. For liking a dockers commercial
      6. Shhing him during a tv show
      7. For being naked all the time, which was good at first — until she started doing unattractive things like coughing or opening pickle jars.
      8. For not giving him a massage.
      9. For being two-faced — she was attractive one day, not attractive the next.
      10. For not tasting his pie.
      11. Because George saw her naked.
      12. For believing she got gonorrhea from sitting on a tractor in a bathing suit.
      13. For being too much like Jerry.
      14. For kissing him in front of the Soup Nazi.
      15. For having fake breasts — except they weren’t.
      16. For not thinking his stand up act was funny.

      Mind you these are all different girls.

  • Well the reason is a bit judgmental. You can have a bit of banter who has the best sport team! But rejecting them because you are in a strop about their taste sports? Why aren't you happy that they are into sport like yourself?

    I think you need to change.

    Sorry to be blunt and if you don't like the answer then fine but you need to not put that on your Deal Breaker list there are plenty other things a girl could do and not do that would be rejectable but a sports team?

    • I can only date a woman who likes the same sports teams as me. I feel we'd get along better. If that means I will be single for a long time so be it.

  • That's immature and pretty ridiculous.

  • yes it does.


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