I hate that I'm so shy! It's getting bad, my boyfriend even is noticing it a lot too lately?

So I went to my boyfriends family's for dinner last night and I was so damn shy! It wasn't my first time meeting his family either, like it was bad he even started pointing it out. I hate it! I feel so embarrassed... :(
Like, I get so shy, I laugh at something even if it's not funny, and make myself look stupid... Then things get awkward...


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  • I do the same thing from being shy, i laugh at things not even funny

    but it's okay to be shy you will grow out of it and many people think

    shy people are stuck up we just can't open up to people i know the feeling kid


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  • You can just tell yourself to relax - with time you'll get there. With age I mean.


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  • Its ok.. i am shy too... but only at first... Once i meet the people more than one time i get comfy fast...

    But i was shy like that when i was your age

    • Yeah, it's just kinda embarrassing sometimes, because people think you are 'anti-social' or 'stuck- up' and you kinda feel helpless in certain situations just because you are super shy. I hate it. But I feel like there's nothing I can do about it...

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