I like my coworker, he's leaving the company, what should I do?

I like this guy at my job so much and we just recently spoken. He's leaving the company this Wednesday and I still don't know if he likes me but I don't think he does since he didn't ask for my number. I just thought the way the conversation was going he would since we spoke about marriage and his family and my family. I don't know if o should ask him for his number? I guess I thought he liked me now I'm not even sure. Should I tell my male coworker to ask him if he likes me or does that sound foolish?


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  • You're an adult woman, you don't need schoolgirl tactics to find out if he likes you.
    Just go for it, you've got nothing to lose.
    And since he's leaving anyway, there'll be no awkwardness if he doesn't take the bait.

    Trust me, nothing is more sexy than a woman with the guts to make a move!

    • Is it sexy or desperate? What should I say? How should I approach it? I don't know I'm so bad at this, I never asked a guy for his number.

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    • I hope something magical does happen. I kind of wish I approached it differently but everything happens the way it's supposed to. I added him on LinkedIn and he accepted my request. There's no wishful thinking, I'm going to live life and see where it goes. Thanks again for your advice. I kind of enjoy this brave, fearless feeling.

    • Best of luck to you.
      Enjoy the ride :-)

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  • Offer your number or your facebook contact name, and say if he ever wants to keep in contact outside of work, he'll know where to find you.

    This leaves the ball in his court, if he likes you, he'll take it, if not, then that's gonna be that.

    • I might do that maybe next week, it took me a while to find the courage to go up to him and ask him for help. I don't know he asked me if I wanted to have babies and what time I was getting off work... All these things and still no number. I don't have a Facebook and maybe I can do that and you're right what do I have to lose since I'm never going to see him again afterwards...

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  • Why don't you ask his number yourself? You will always regret if you don't.

    • Yeah I thought about it but I don't know how. Im really shy and he's pretty sure of himself. He got a great job offer and he's really good looking.

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    • The thing is he already told me about his new job and everything about it and I did congrat him. We are having a cake for him this Wednesday so I thought maybe then I can casually do it? I don't know ;( maybe it's not meant to be. Yeah I'm too shy to ask him for his...

    • Yep, then definitely use that oppotunity to ask for his number/or give him your number. Be brave:)

  • Don't ask if he likes you, just tell him to keep in touch and offer up a number or Facebook. He'll contact you if he likes you.

    • I don't have Facebook but do I go to his cubicle or wait for an opportunity where he talks to me?

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    • I casually asked if he will be going out to drink with some coworkers for the last time and he said no. Then I asked if he was going to keep in contact with anyone and he said no m. We are getting him a cake but I can't ask in front of everyone. My friends think maybe he's shy but maybe he's just not interested :( he's 27 and I'm 24. Maybe it's the age difference?

    • Saying that to you sounds like he's uninterested :(, but since there's a chance he's shy there's no harm giving him your number

  • Do you have his number if not go for it girl! Ask him for it! You might as well try to stay in touch😊

    • What if he rejects me

    • I dont think he will. If you guys talked and joked around he obviously likes you either as a friend or likes you and is too scared to show it. It can't hurt to try😊

    • You're right I wanted to tell him good night yesterday but he left so early and I didn't see him leave. I just don't know when to ask and how to ask without anyone around ugh I never done this before I'm so nervous

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