Is he still dating other women?

I started dating this man that I met online.. and although we've only seen each other 3 times (first, when we met in person; secondly, when he visited me in the hospital when I got hospitalized, thirdly, at my place to see me while recuperating from my surgery, in which everything between us seems really good-- he even brought me my favorite flowers; he was just holding me in his arms, and kissing me... the physical and sexual chemistry(although we haven't done that yet) is very strong between us two. Then the doubt in my mind came when I asked hin: "What are you going to do tonight?" and he said "he's going to his neighbors party and it will start at 5pm till 10pm. and he said later on that if I didn't call you tonight I;ll do it the next day.. there's something about it that makes me suspicious.. is he really telling the truth or he's just going on a date with another woman? and he never called me that night... so when he did the next day, I expressed how I feel about him not calling me and he said.. "that I don't trust him... am I being paranoid to expect that he'll call me when he's in that party? I would also hope that he'll invite me over but I understand that I can't go anyway and that he's the only one being invited. Am I expecting too much from him to start acting like my boyfriend? I just noticed that every time he goes out at nght, and it happened twice that he couldn't call me back, but on the next day.. is he being honest or just out there dating other woman? and lying to me about it? How would you know if he sincere and not wondering around? Should I trust his word that he is not seeing or dating anybody? The thing is we really can't do things together yet because I am still recuperating from my surgery but he said that once I'm able then we can start spending more time together.. He's consistent in calling me every day, he does all the calling than me.. actually... please advice! thanks everyone who will respond to this..

hey bondoo7 this is a continuation of my other comment at the bottom: anyways he said he'll think about it and he'll call me back-and that I should call him too and be patient w/him. where do I stand here? should I wait or just move on? I really like him.


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  • Baby Girl put on the brakes because you're about to run your man outta town. You said everything that is consistent w/a man that is highly interested in you:

    1. He calls everyday. He even calls the day after a party.

    2. he calls you more than you call him.

    3. He took care of you in the hospital

    4. He says he can't wait to spend more time w/you when you get outta the hospital.

    So now imma break the top 4 down of why he like you:

    1. Any man that calls and conversates THAT much obvously is showin madd interest.

    2. If he calls you more than you call him that probably means that he has all but eliminated any other potential girls he wants to (or has wanted to) date.

    3. NO MAN IS GONNA go outta his way to see you in a hospital unless he TRULY felt sum strong connection of sorts.

    4. He wants to hang w/you when you get out!?!?!?!? Lemme tell you somethin, any man willing to wait for a girl rather than going to get other ones that are "perfectly healthy and/or fine" must really think you're somethin else. No guy waits for a girl unless he truly wants her.

    BTW've only seen this guy sporadically. Any regular guy you meet is gonna be dating girls regardless of what you'd like to think. You have to be the one girl to "have somethin about you" to make him forsake all others.

    He's not your boyfriend so lay off the "actions to cheat" and just date him. Just because you met him off the internet doesn't mean the rules are any different from actual meet and greet dating.

    Be gotta good one

    • Hey thanks so much, that is pretty insightful.. but I'M AFRAID HE'S NOT INTERESTED ANYMORE. You see when he called me the other night although he's very conversant but there's a sense of coldness in his voice; and not very affectionate; when we hung up I had this strange feeling that everything is not right after that conversation. it makes me sad... and true enough, he never called yesterday. did he lost interest? or should I call him? what should I do/ help!

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    • BTW.....he could really be busy. Holiday season and shopping and the madness can get overwhelming at this time of year. Try to do yo thang by keeping your mind busy on what you wanna do w/your life and how you wanna be after you get outta the hospital. This'll give you something positive to look forward to when you get out

    • Hey thanks for all the insight I appreciate it! so he & I had a talk and as I expected he has doubts about us-- his point is I don't seem to trust him and that I still live in my parents . He make it sound like I don't have a life and it really hurts me.. but as I express how I feel and my point of view he somehow realized something and he ask me if "I would like him to re-consider" I said it's for me to decide but I would like to think that we have something good worth developing it

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