Is a 26 year old man too old for a 20 year old woman?

I am a 20 year old female dating a 26 year old man. He turns 27 this month. We get along very well, have a lot of the same interests, same political beliefs, values etc. I go to a liberal arts college, it is very prestigious and very difficult. Early on in the relationship he has explained multiple times that he fully intends to support me and come second to my education. He wants me to do well. He is busy himself, he is a sales manager at a very successful car lot and has his own friends and family.

He treats me respectfully, takes me out on dates (we like to go out to eat, go kart racing, going for runs, playing video games together) and wants me to feel comfortable. He knows he likes me more than I do at this point, and has allowed the relationship to progress at my pace. His only character flaw I've observed is that he is prone to letting people take advantage of him and use/ abuse him because he feels committed to making other peoples lives better even when the relationship is toxic.

I'm leaving for china in a month for four months on a study abroad and he is so excited for me. He can't wait for me to go! Has been researching it and everything. I figure if he sticks around for that four months, I may consider being his girlfriend officially. The only problem is, he would be my first boyfriend, and my family is very particular about me in general. My mother is very religious, and expects me to be with someone equally as religious. He is not. He did not finish college because he had preferred to work at the time which he regrets but he is very intelligent. My parents won't appreciate that either. As shallow as it sounds, he may not be attractive enough for my mothers standards. (which I dont care about but I know shell give me hell for it). And last but not least, he's 27 and she'll think he is too old. What do you all think?
I think it goes without saying: I really like this guy. He is awesome. He knows I've been hurt badly in the past which is why he's okay with me working on my apprehensiveness. We are very happy together.


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  • I think he sounds like a dream guy for any girl. I wish you realized how amazing and one of a kind he is... that is too bad 😔😔

    • oh I do! But im afraid my mother won't see it, and I just want her to like him most of all. Im just making sure I'm not crazy in thinking the age difference is okay or isn't. I love my mother, understand I dont want anything to strain our relationship that doesn't have to, but I also want to live my life too.

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    • No, you misread me in thinking I dont realize he's a good guy. Otherwise I wouldn't have written paragraphs about him. Even his character flaw is a awesome! Read my update: I was abused in my past relationship, hence the apprehensiveness, which he understands and is considerate of. I can't be too mad at you though, you dont me or him personally, all you have is a few paragraphs to go off on. He doesn't hit me: Thats enough right there, and I asked this question because Im weighing my options on how to present my relationship to my overprotective mother. But thank you for your time.

    • I apologize, then I can understand where you come from on this matter. I wish you the best.

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  • He sounds good to me... personally I prefer older men and 6 years age gap isn't that much (according to me). And if you guys are happy and comfortable with each other then I don't see the problem :)
    It wouldn't matter to me if my guy isn't religious (coming from a family of religious people), but anyways I think you should talk with your mother. Whether or not he is attractive shouldn't matter to any of your parent because you're the one who's supposed to choose not them. Talk to your mother before introducing them.


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  • Nothing wrong with it at all


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  • The age gap is fine. Your relationship sounds great. Continue being together if you really like him.


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