Like why is that?

I have a friend I work with at my job. I've known him for almost a year. We talk about everything music, family, and school he's going back to school this fall we've hung out a couple of times we kissed a few times as a goodbye but that's it. At work he would talk to me when no one is there I guess because he doesn't want to know we talk because we work together I notice people as in coworkers watching us when we talk I'm guessing they think we got something going on but we're just friends. Any who he always find ways to talk to me and be around me making jokes. He doesn't talk about other girls around me some days he's around me some days he's not I'm guessing because he wants his space or his friends are around I don't know why is that? Am I just a friend or more? And everytime I look at him he looks the other way quickly I know he was staring because he looks at me up and down then looks away when I caught him I really need answers please!!!


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