Why dont girls tell what they feel first?

I mean, a girl and a guy have been talking for a while and they both like each other so much, why is it always the guy supposed to say what he feels first, and then the girl says "me too." Are girls so insecure to say what they feel to the guy they like if they think its unmutual?


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  • Because we are afraid of scaring a guy off. We constantly hear guys talk about "stage five clingers" and chicks who get way too attached way too quickly, so it makes us not want to say anything about our feelings that you haven't already said to us...


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  • I know. some girls that take the first step and say it first, but i never had it myself, i think it just varies on how much you really like someone.
    +if a girl loves a guy, it is very easy for that girl toake him make the first step


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