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The guy I was talking to for about four months we have stop talking a month ago and I do miss I am not going to lie we are both adults and I don't know if miss me or not he the type of guys keep things to themself and when we stop talking I delete him off of Facebook and I'm pretty sure he want happy about that and in July I texted him apologizing for my actions and the next day he calls me but he doesn't saying thing so I hung up and hours later I called him back and left a voicemail and he ever called me back. Also today I sent him a friend request Facebook and I don't know if he going to accept it or not and it probably but life is to short not to take actions and see what happens after something bads happens between you and another, like I said are adults I need take action, but thing is what probably will go through his mind when he see my friend request?
Advice please


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  • He won't care.


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