Is there no hope for me?

So i am 21 year old guy and im trying to get a girlfriend but its impossible, i try to be as nice as possible to girls, make them laugh etc etc i just get rejected and ignored not even friend zoned. Im not that ugly but im fat, my face is not ugly but cause im fat that makes me insta ugly? I tried to lose weight and i failed many times. People tell me why u even try to lose weight it runs in your family (i dont live in america, there is not much fat people in my country) People and friends tell me if girls dont like u now why would they like u after u lose weight. And dont start with that unhealthy stuff im really healthy i ride bike, walk and play basketball every day.
If someone is interested im 6ft and 250 lbs


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  • There is always hope for you! Never give up! That goes for the weight loss! If that's the reason you feel unwanted, lose the weight! I know its easier said than done, but with enough determination and encouragement, YOU CAN DO IT! maybe find a coach or a friend to hold you accountable!

  • I bet if you lost weight you'd find a girlfriend, it's bullshit but that's the way it is.


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