What do you think this will turn into?

Met this girl at a party about 2 weeks ago who I like, she takes my number then calls me, I visit her and end up staying night but nothing happens, and now were talking a lot but recently haven't had a conversation with her. Was that just a one time thing where she wanted something that I did not put out? Or does she like me and we were like flirting and such? And can this possibly lead to a relationship or should I move on because its over?

girls jump in on this too.


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  • I think it was all a short term thing really.

    It was kind of a fling but since you say it's not been too long since you spoke to heer last - you should try calling her and ask to meeet up...then reignite your romance!

    • She went home for holydays and lives like a few hours that's why we haven't met up

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