Girls, (I'm asking y'all because you normally are the more level headed of the genders) please help me with this girl?

This is the girl (on the left)

Girls, (I'm asking y'all because you normally are the more level headed of the genders) please help me with this girl?
This is me

Can you see us together?
Also here's my real question. I've been talking to this girl for the entire summer and a little before school let out. She's athletic, smart, and she's beautiful. I've tried asking her out before but I don't think she liked me but she said that I make her laugh everytime I talk to her. I already have a nickname for her. We're going into 10th grade and her friends are my friends and my friends are hers. She's a huge football fan and so am I. We seem to click on every level, but sadly compared to a lot of the guys at my school I'm not as good looking and not as confident. I tried asking her out to see a movie but she didn't want to go out. So I sort of took it as a hint she wasn't interested in me (been there many times). Now we've been talking a lot lately and with school starting backup and everything I figure I may give it a second shot. There's a concert nearby next Wednesday and I really want to take her to it. How do I bring it up?
Also I really want to get her to become my second girlfriend (not at once but I've only had one and she was a gold digger), but I'm not really sure how a boyfriend acts, what I do, and also how do I ask her to become my girlfriend?
Lastly I know that Homecoming is fairly close by and at my school people do extravagant proposals (i. e. flowers, pizzas with "Will you go to HOCO with me?", use chalk/ rose petals and write the question on their driveway, hold up a sign at a football game or give them a game ball, etc) do you have any ideas?
I know that the last two were sort of jumping the gun a little but that's just how I am. So please help and any other advice you have is much appreciated.


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  • if you want to take her to it do it as friends and as you become closer then start working out and get muscels abbs make a guy 10x hotter.

    a boyfriend should talk a lot but dont tell her not to wear stuff and can't be friends with people (posesive ) but do little things to surprse her like jewlery or a charm for her charm braclet if you know something bad happend sometimes just sipmpel flowers and goodnight and good morning texts get us throught the week but u have to do it every day also dont say i love you and when you do say it in person not over text try t meet up regularly. ask her in a big way that everyone is around cuz not only wil she be presured to say yes but people will see and start talking about how sweet you are and you will have girls chasing you so its a win win.

    if she likes games do it in a scavenger hunt or in a puzzel she likes music sing her a song she into sports at a game get your friends to write a letter on their chest during half time and u be the question mark with flowers

    good luck


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  • looks dont matter.

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