OMG, not again!! Friend zone?

Okay, so I met this girl through one of my good friend's girlfriend. We all went out for my friends birthday party. I asked for her number at the end of the night and she gave it to me. We've been texting back-and-forth for a couple days and I asked her out. She said she was busy and I told her no problem we would hang out some other time. Then my friend told me that she told his girlfriend that she just wanted to be friends with me. At this point I plan to just stop talking to her. Do you think there's any chance of her changing her mind, or is it just a lost cause?


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  • Stop talking to her.


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  • The best thing you can do is stop talking to her. Go get some other game and at some point in the future if you can re-engage when things are fresh again, you might have a shot.


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  • friendzone = womaneze for " I dont find you physically attractive" don't waste your time find a girl who actually like you


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