Saying "I have a boyfriend, too" to the "I have a boyfriend" rejection?

I had the perfect opportunity to try it today (literally 100% sure she was lying because her roommate is my lab partner). But I just said nothing instead lol. How do you think that would work out?


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  • She's trying to be nice to you and you're trying to find more ways to make her uncomfortable. Great.

    • I mean it seemed quite unbearable to her that I just didn't say anything at all lol

    • Just be like "okay cool how about this weather we're having?"

    • I take rejection quite well. I know not every girl is going to like me. I was just taken back by the fact that she was blatantly lying. Also, I had to wait for her roommate.. because she's my lab partner.

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  • I mean you could...

    It works for me because I do have one, and many girls just think that if you talk to them it means you're hitting on them.


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  • Probably wouldn't work out in your favor if you're straight. If you're gay, its okay lol

    • I know it's hard to tell over the internet with just my question. But it hurts my loins a little that you would consider the possibility of me being gay

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    • They way I picture doing it in my head is: looking a girl dead in the eye with a completely serious face and saying it. Then just cracking a smile (knowing myself it would happen regardless). If they are lying it's like a mind game kind of thing, where really I'm just fucking with them lol

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