I'm really confused what should I do?

So there's this guy I've literally known since I was little and last summer I went to visit him with my family and we reunited and we kinda fell in love with each other long story short he has a girlfriend and at the time I was there and he was in a relationship he said he has feelings for me I hadn't seen him in 7 years so I really missed him now I'm back and he's moving to the city im at with his mom because we're very close with his family and I recently blocked him because when I was visiting him I kinda lost control and some things happened between us and at the time I had broke up with my boyfriend and was just devastated and recently the guy that I grew up with started asking me for pics with bikinis and stuff so I just blocked him but I know it's his hormones and all but deep down he's a good guy I just don't know what to do unblock him or no? Start over? Maybe
Ps he's coming to live in my city I'm a couple of years and his goal is education.


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  • the sam thing happend to me but there was no seperation time are familys were close and he started acting like a fuckboy. 3 ways this is going down one he is just a fuckboy who can't get none. 2 he is jokeing 3 he is a perv DO NOT START OVER it gives them the opprotunity to redo how to ask that or they dont stop conront him and ask why he wants the pics then adress it then carry on if he calls u a dry texter dont worry cuz u always have proof to show his mom good luck

    • Yeah but I don't to be that snitch we have a really close bond we always tell each other our deepest secrets and I really love hime because he said I was his first to do anything with and I actually believe him because of the way he acted

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