Ever date a loser?

Ever date a loser and why do you think that this person is a loser?


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  • Ya she smokes weed all the time, she couldn't hold a job and always quit or was fired after a few months at most, complained about life a lot, was manipulative, and borrowed money and never helped pay me back. Then she cheated on me haha she was a loser.

    • Wow yea! A jobless cheater is a loser. I don't think there's anything wrong with smoking if you can hold a job and function. But clearly she couldn't do anything with class

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    • And if you can't afford it time to quit

    • Exactly haha and we actually dated for an embarrassing 10 months :S she was different when we were courting and before dating but once it was official it got worse haha but like you said she did my a favor and I am doing better. Did you ever date a loser?

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  • I dated a guy some people saw as a loser. I thought he was a great guy who hadn't figured out his life yet, and he was worth the time and experience, even if we didn't work out.


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  • He was immature and just didn't want to talk to me over the summer when school let out. Didn't put effort into the relationship and just was a complete asshole.


    - clingy
    -too physical
    -thank goodness that bish outta my life.

    • Clingy? I think clinginess is subjective. Different people like different levels of clinginess.

      Unintelligent? Well, everyone's different.

      Immature? Depends. Was he just a child at heart or was he actually, you know...

      Dependent? Yeah, this is a problem.

      Too physical? Again, entirely subjective. Some people just like to be very physical. Others don't. Again, it's about finding someone that matches your preference in that respect.

      Shallow? Well, it's hard to say. I mean, physical attraction is very important when it comes to a romantic relationship, but... well it's hard to evaluate because "shallow" in and of itself is a very vague adjective and more explanation would be needed here.

      I wouldn't call him a loser. Just someone who you didn't really match up with.

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    • As I said, many of the things you simply mentioned just differ from person to person.

    • of course I'm not gonna expand on it. that is merely a sum up. @r3d_anonymous
      sure they differ, but for this specific person they made him a loser. believe me, I'm not a shallow person. i know what I'm saying.

  • I haven't. Or I just didn't see it as a date then

  • depends on your definition of loser


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