Can we remain friends?

I had a thing with this guy. We met through mutual friends on a night out. We kissed a few times, and hung out once. We would text a lot for 2 weeks, and then he ignored my text one day, which I though meant he lost interest literally overnight. Unexpectedly, he texts me 10 days later (with no excuse). I acted completely normal: no needy/clingy, no b*tchy. His answers were quick and short but he kept the convo going for bit. I know he's busy during the day so I figured thats why his responses were so short. But he put ZERO effort in the convo, so I cut my words short as well. I dunno if that was a bad move from me, cuz he probably genuinely was busy lol... That was a week ago, and i've been dying to text him, but I'm waiting on him, and tbh he probably was waiting on me to text as well. I'm not playing any games, I'm just hesitant to text first cuz even though he initiated the last convo, he didn't show that he actually felt like talking. And I'm not gonna text him to be rejected again for 10 days... he gave me mixed signals, intentionally or not..
BASICALLY I have no clue what he's thinking, I know that i'm still interested, but i'm guessing our thing is over... At first I felt super sad. But now I've come to terms with it. I'd actually want to be friends with him, not just ignore or avoid him. We have mutual friends and always see each other out. Should I act completely normal when I see him?
His birthday is next week and I want to text him happy birthday, is that ok?


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  • He sounds very sporadic and unpredictable here, dear, and with a push of a Button... He texts me 10 days later (with no excuse).
    He has no regards to even being a 'Friend' and feels he can come and go with whatever and whenever he feels like sending you a 'Hello' and you are supposed to pay this no mind.
    Keep things very lite and semi sweet with this one. He isn't Into anything heavy so keep it where there is No 'heavy' petting, he will end up not only being a disappointment as a friend but could be too a heartbreaker as A... Boyfriend.
    Yes, go ahead and text a simple, polite 'Happy birthday," and be the Bigger person.
    Good luck. xx


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