What are signs that a girl likes you too? How can a guy derive whether a girl likes him?


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  • If you’re hanging out at a club or at a café, and find a girl looking straight at you now and then, and hurriedly turning her face away each time you look her way, there’s definitely something in the air, and it could also be a crush.

    There’s a fair chance that you’ve got something funny stuck on your face, but if she blushes or looks away each time you try to catch her stare, then that’s just good fortune.


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  • Dude im going to give u 2 golden signs, trust me,

    1. Eye contact - she will make eye contact with you.

    2. Proximity - No matther what she is doing , if she is near you more than twice, its not a coincidence, she likes you.


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  • Certain body language. And things she say/does.

    • Any good examples?

    • Looking down at the floor when she talks to you. Playing with her hair. Knotted fingers.. Brushing up against you. Doing thing to catch your eye.

What Guys Said 2

  • Women are simple, let's just look at common female vernacular like the word "maybe".

    Maybe may mean but a few simple things, including, but not limited to:

    Maybe, yes, no, sure, hell no, I don't know, you should know, just ask me, you decide, etc.

    Now, into page 2!

  • Pretty easy, check if their tits are hard lol


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