Girls, Should I apologize to the girl I like?

I want to know if I should apologize. In the last real conversation we had I think I started flirting with her by accident and I know she gets enough of that by every other guy at school. I don't want her to think I am like the other guys that just want her because she is hot. I don't wanter her for that. If I apologize would that make me have a better chance or have I messed up? I really like this girl. We have so much in common but she hasn't been talking to me recently. What should I say?


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  • Don't apologize. Instead, next time you talk to her try showing her that you care about her personality, too. Tell her she's funny or smart or whatever. Use your actions/words to show her that you're different because she probably won't believe you if you just say that you are and don't act differently than the other guys who like her.

    • I agree with this but if I am going to show her that I care about her then I am not going to act like the other guys that don't care about her other then her looks.

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  • You can apologise, but what exactly did you do wrong? What you did is normal behaviour. I would talk to her and tell her you aren't like other guys, and show her how different you are compared to the others.

  • just don't "flirt in that way" anymore

    • I can't help it and I usually don't notice it until the conversation is done. She doesn't act interested anymore. What do I do?

    • Just the same what I said before. Think before you act. Think before you speak, text, write, reply whatever

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