Is it worth to think that if im not successful on date sites then im ugly?

And it won't work "in the real life " too?


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  • How much effort do you devote to finding a partner on dating sites? Are you looking through profiles carefully, trying to determine if you would be a good match with those people or are you just sending copy pasted messages to anyone who catches your eye?

    I never respond to messages that look like they've been copied and pasted. I receive far too many messages to respond to every simple greeting. I will only respond to someone if they use a creative opener or mention something in my profile (such as a common interest).

    Having a fully fleshed out profile with pictures will also help your response rate. Avoid mentioning your fetishes unless that's the only thing you're using that profile for (and I would suggest you use FetLife only, in that case).


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  • Give up online dating. It's not worth the headache. It's just another thing geared towards women.


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  • Dating sites require persistence.

    I recommend your profile pics be interesting in some fashion to catch someone's attention. Girls are inundated with messages and to be honest, we can't respond to every one. The only thing we have to go on is a good profile pic; that alone is all we have to decide to look at a profile or not.

    Hang in there. I'm going on 7 months with my match :)

  • Most people that join dating sites don't even take them seriously.

    Half the people don't check their messages, log in or respond back.

    Don't measure how you do online vs. real life.
    There is no comparison.


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