What kind of questions should I ask a girl on a first date?

I've heard you have to ask questions that create emotion, not just one word answer types. what should I ask a girl so that we can have a great conversation on a first date to make her want a second date


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  • Don't ask questions, all guys do that and is boring for girls to just be interviewed, they want to connect on a date, just talk, look her eyes and have no future thoughts.

    Don't talk about yourself, you will kill her illusion.

    Don't try to impress, thinking what you are going to say before hand is trying to impress.

    Don't try to read her opinion about you, you will probably be inacurate anyway and it will only make you insecure. So don't judge what she says, do or dress like, it's not about her mind it's about her heart.

    Just enjoy being on your own skin so she can feel comfortable with you.

    • I agree with this. Worry more about being relaxed and being yourself. Yes, its important to create an emotional connection...that just means being open and not shying away from anwsering the questions she may ask. A first date is just the beginning...just enjoy yourself and try to get her to feel comfortable around you.