Why didn't he text me back?

so I met this guy and he obviously liked me at first. He gave me his number and then I went home and he texted me. I texted back and then from their we had a conversation. days later i would text him two times and he never responded. So decided to wait. he never did. I wasn't going to act desperate and

needy texting him all the time. One day he came to my house because he good friends with my cousin so I barely came back and he was about to leave. when I passed the car I heard him say, "hey!" all flirty and I turned and say hey... and I just left. I don't know what to say. he never texted me or anything. I don't see him anymore either which is weird.. I was at the mall with my boy cousin and then I heard "Hey Kevin!" even he didn't call me I turned around and the whole time, he was starring at me. I forced a smile and turned around and just waited for him to leave. He makes me feel awkward and intimidated. In thanksgiving he texted me from a long time and said "are you going to your cousins house to have thanksgiving?" and I answered no. He never texted back. why is he acting like this?


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  • what you end up doing

    • Nothing, I never saw him again. Well not like that but he lives far anyways. Never let a guy no ur desperate. That just shows up that ur crazy! lol. but no I wasn't going to bother him. I'm not gonna waist my time for a guy to text or call. Move on. Its healthy.