Is she interested in me?

The girl I really love is making lots of eye contact (3 daily), around, and sometimes even from a far distance while talking to her friends she turned her eyes subtly to me but I caught her, and on an other occasion I was about to enter the class THE first person I swear to you the first person I saw was here looking at me. One friend of her was like saying quietly that I was around proof She said something (too far) they both turned their heads looking at me I was so shy I couldn't imagine and couldn't what to do (it was so fast). Finally I noticed she always does a very strange haircut when she's around me (her hair are like on top of her head, if you know what I mean). To sum up she's a really shy girl I can see from the way she looks at me and talking around. And I'm a shy boy too, I never speak to her: I got a feeling that I would have to make the first step or else nothing would work, but I need your advices, tips, hints, opinions about this I'm really worried about failing because I love her so much you couldn't imagine(lately she was ignoring me maybe, and if you want to know more Add me :)

Thanks dear friends,

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  • If you have the same class with her you should totally fake not understanding an assignment and ask her for help, then you can totally talk to her and flirt and see if she is really into you. You should make jokes to her that aren't that funny and nothing that is racially bad or inappropriate either. If she giggles and it was super lame then she is sooo into you and you should ask her to go do something with you. If you are super shy though you should message her of Facebook and MySpace about something and then gain some confidence to talk to her in person.


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  • Like I said before...It sounds like she likes you, but you don't really know until you ask her. So, maybe you should try getting her number and texting her. Then, start talking to her in person. You should start to notice if she's interested or not. You can even ask her on a date. But since she's shy, be careful of her boundaries and go slow. She may like the confidence if you were to just walk up to her and say "hey..." But she may be a little freaked out or feel she's in an awkward position, expecially if you don't talk much. But talking to her, should open things up a bit. Good luck.

  • It's possible she might like you. You won't know unless you talk to her

  • Yah she does LIKE you, but has she tried to talk to you at all? smile at you? or has talked to you?

    what happened? And if she already tried now its you're turn. you gotta step it up. SMILE at her the next time you see her. Don't try to ignore her, she'll think you're rude and confusing. Or something like that lol. but why do you think she's been ignoring you lately?

    • Yea I think she tried to talk to me once, smiling at me I'm not sure

      I think she's ignoring me lately because we didn't make that much eye contact

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    • Could you just add me :P or follow me (jenslahm) Thank you

    • I did nothing , what should I have made? :S

      maybe it's happening (2 days ago) from last week, because we don't have school this week, but as I said it's just a feeling nothing else

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