She dumped me unofficially. But still calls, text, and emails and looks at my online profiles. PLEASE HELP

Long story short my ex want to a wedding in cai about 2 months ago. Came back acting weird. She 9 yo than me and I'm 23. She got jealous that a lot of females hit on me, but I never once talked to other chicks or flirted back. I had a stalker that wouldn't leave me alone and she also got p*ssed about that. even though I blocked her in every way I could. I block her cell # she would change her # and still call and text to start drama.

She told me that she thinks that I can do better then her and since she got 3 kids and unemployed. She know that I use to want kids but since her tubes are tied she can't have anymore. I told her if I had to choose between her and me having kids I choose her, She says that, that's unfair to me . But I love her so much that I'm willing to not have any. Which is a lot for a man to give up. But I'm willing to because I'm happy with her and her kids already.

Well about 3 weeks ago I found on on accident that she was talking to a new guy. I ask her why she could tell me the truth str8 up and she said she didn't know how to. But the funny thing about that night was that she stay on the phone with me at his place for about 3 hours talking to me and she said that she loves me a few time in front of him.

Well three weeks have past and for the past 2 weeks she been talking to me on the phone at night from 12am to 6am. she also texts me if I don't talk to her for about a day. She checks my online accounts all the time and still emails me to see what I'm up to even though we talk on the phone almost every day. She also have her friends spy on me a lot and anytime I'm out and a girl gets to close to me she start to act crazy and like we are together.

About a week ago we got into an argument after sex and she told me that we were over. Don't talk or call anymore. I agreed even though it was hard and I stop talking. the next day she emailed me and texted me. I didn't respond. The follow day after that she texted me that she "hates the fact she misses me so much". I respond with "it does have to be like this, this is your choice not mines". and thing want back to the usual talking and text each day.

Well two days ago she want to Florida with the guy she talking to and refers to him as old boy. Considering she already know that I know who this guy is. But the funny thing is she didn't know that I knew she was with him but I did. because I got her in trouble for her texting me with him by forward a text she sent me saying "I love u".

Well while in Florida she texted me that she misses me and love me once per day. She also to me that she would call me to let me know she made it in safely. She did but did text me when she got back in town...I know that she at his place because he love a block away from my job.

So what the he! does this women want from me because she said she want to let me go but every time she thinks of me being with another women she cries. Can anyone tell what to do and what she thinking.

She also told me two days ago that she still can't have sex with the new guy and that she miss and loves me. I lost for words because I don't know what she really wants. I think she confused and don't know what she wants. or she crazy


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  • Shes playing head games, if she wanted you, she wouldn't be with another guy.

    Actions speak louder then words, drop all contact and move on. She is right, you have deserve better then her, but that's not why she said that. She was trying to let you down easy.

    If she really thought you deserved better, would she bring it to your attention so you will leave her? No its a bs story, don't let her string you along. Ignore everything she says and don't contact her.

    Go find some new poon with less baggage and drama.

    • Ok I feel you on that note. today we got into abou the new girl I' kinda talking to and she delete almost everything. then she called and texted me. And then tonite she talked me and added me back and she said she I think she crazy now or unsure about somethings. becuase she can't let me go when I walk away each time

    • What part of drop all contact do you not understand?

      If your talking to a new girl keep it up, ignore the crazy bitch.

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  • I think she's just starting something with the new guy...and it depends on other things you might have done as well to make her say "she's confused"

    I think she wants to be fair to the new guy and just see how it goes now.

    but I don't get how she is telling you "she loves you" and she can't choose.

    I think she is trying to choose and emotionally is stressed about it. that's just a theory

    I'd give her space if I were you..and let her decide.

    • That basically what I've been doing. But she still talks to me everyday and lately she been talking about hangout alot. but every time it's time o hangout she comes up with a bullsh*t accuse. And she still say she loves me and misses me. On top of that she still talks to my baby sis and told her that she loves me, but she thinks I be tring to make her jealous and also she see that I'm change a lot of thing about. I even change my old cell number to get certain girls to leave me alone.

  • She is crazy. Cut her off - no more responses to her of any kind at all. Do yourself a favor and take a break from dating till you are more clear about what is and is not acceptable.

    She will continue being confused about her choices until you aren't one.

  • For someone who has three kids she is definitely not acting like an adult. You need to move on and be with someone else who will be fair and good to you. She is with another man all the time and said it's over. So she says she misses you but she's still spending her time with this other man...not YOU! Maybe the other guy supports he financially?

    Unless that man is threatening if she leaves...i don't see y she wouldn't be with u...the one she supposedly loves.

    • Thats what I'm guessing. Because I cut off all cantact and ran into them yesterday morning. Dude a coward and he was giving dirty looks and I miss her kids and he told the youngest not to speak to me. She got mad that I didn't speak to her while she was sitting in the car and he was on the inside of the gas station. She was lie it hurt you didn't speak to me. but she lied about living there

  • She doesn't want to be with you. The fact that she has to be with the other guy should let you know that. You're too good for. You need to cut off all ties to her immediately. I'm sorry.

  • ohh no she's older I'm sooo sorry

  • is she 14?

  • If she is confused---- DON'T GO OUT WITH HER. You can be her friend or whatever but if you want her, don't give in to her. She is just using you and trying to figure out who she really wants... and it's confusing you. She should know who she wants instead of seeing two guys. I'm in this situation myself but I told the guy I don't want him if he is confused if he loves me or his ex. So I am giving him up. I don't want to be the 'other girl' nor do I want to be his and he has another girl. It's not fair for either of us! So in your situation, it is not fair for either of you guys. Girls/guys like that need a reality check and stop being selfish! Love isn't a selfish game.

  • she wants to keep you as a 'back-up' in case things with this guy doesn't work out. considering how much you were willing to give up for her. she doesn't seem like she really cares for you. she just wants a security blanket. drop her. cut off all contact.

    she can't keep you and still go off with this other guy. don't let her use you like that.


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  • Some people have called this right. 1st, she is sleeping with the other guy. 2nd, she likes to know that she has you where she wants you - maybe she is still fond of you but doesn't want you to have a new girlfriend (although she thinks it's fine to have a new guy herself). 3rd, DROP ALL CONTACT. Go out with your mates, other girls etc but don't get strung along by an ex who's shacked up with a new guy and supressing you emotionally. If she calls, don't answer for starters. The fact you keep doing so suggests you're acting a bit like an abandoned puppy. Give yourself a slap and ignore her. In a month, she'll stop bugging you - with luck!

  • Bro,

    She wants her cake and eat it too.

    - She's getting something from this other guy that she's not getting from you (Status, Wealth)

    - But at the same time She's getting (Security and appreciation) from you

    ...Dump da ho

    Woman like this are trouble and baggage and not worth my a min of my time

  • I saw your update and your comment.

    She is full of sh*t, if you think she's not banging this other guy then your the idiot.

    She is dragging you along for the fun of it, and because she wants to fall back on you if this new guy doesn't work out.


  • Me thinking me not know English anymore.:-P

    Me be unhappy now:-(

  • You type and whine way too much for a guy. If you are letting an ex tell you about hooking up with a new guy, you are a p**** and deserve to be canned.

    Forget her and grow some nuggets

    • Bitch f*** you

    • No no no. YOU are the bitch, and that is clear with the book you wrote cyring over some slut

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