Counting numbers? What does it mean when a guy does that for his girlfriends?

Background: Me an my boyfriend got together talked for about 2months and had deep relationship convos before we had went out like what's now and how it would change if we had went out. He told me he his a EX player he stopped when he was 16 he is now 18 (I am 2) he only goes for girls he likes now use to cheat hasn't cheated on after he lost the one he DID LOVE he still loves her that I can tell he denies it tho because of us now. The age old question you ask how many people have you done stuff with and how many relationships you had and how serious...Well he ACTUALLY KEPT COUNT! I mean he said 36 girlfriends and a few other flings when he was at trips with his friends and all...So that puts it ova 40 different girls! now he is def mature for his age but now I feel like he has so much more experience then me he's only had 2 long terms and now I feel like lost and I thought I had figured him all out but now its just keeps getting interesting... but we are now dating an haven't had to much of a fight ova anything which is good. But my question is what does it mean when a guy actually keeps count of his girlfriends (exes) he has had and the flings.?


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  • He's bragging


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