Need some advice on a text situation?

okay so I'm talking to this girl we made out a few nights ago but I'm not sure if she wants to take it further or not, its not weird between us but yesterday I text her randomly saying what's up and making small talk for about an hour, hour and a half, when she got tired she said

"We should hang out soon though ya?"

and I said

"Alright just let me know... and other stuff"

and she said

"aww okay, goodnight "

I wanna hang out with her but its been a few days should I bring it up or let the cards fall? Any suggestions?


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  • If I had said something in the lines of what she said to you, to a guy... It would mean I wanted him to ask me out.

    It sounds like she wants to see you, but maybe she is too shy to actually be the one to do the asking. So that's why she tried to casually mention it. I'm sure she has been waiting for you to ask her out. Course it sounds like she is interested.

    If your interested in her, just call her or text her and ask what she is doing perhaps this day, weekend, next week or whenever you had in mind.

    Good luck :)

    • I agree, most women don't like to be the ones doing the asking... if a guy doesn't make any advances, some of us will casually bring it up. Ask her. You might get a nice surprise. ^_^

What Guys Said 1

  • umm usually you wait about 2-3 days, she MIGHT be trying to se what you will do, umm ask her, waiting too long can be a bad thing.