I just feel like everyone just forgot about me!

i can barely trust anyone as it is and now everyone has changed towards me since last year, I feel like I don't know anyone anymore and I feel like I don't really have as good friends as I thought I did I feel like sh*t I feel so lonely even when I do hang out or talk to them I just feel like they don't really like me that much anymore I just feel like everyone just forgot about me and they don't treat me like they did before what happened was it my fault?

and please don't mind my spelling mistakes and my repetitiveness, I was just a little upset when I wrote this


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  • I know how you feel. I used to hang with 5 best friends of mine and now... I don't talk to any of them except maybe every now and then and when I do hang out with them it's weird like we are strangers. I think the problem is just that time changes people and we change. It may be time to move on and find new friends. It sounds bad but it helps. if you want to get closer to the old friends that you feel "forgotten" with then try gettin them together and doing soemthing laid back like chatting or just catching up. Things may be weird at first but it should loosen up when they get to talking. I hope this helps.

  • move on be bold talk to other people don't hang out with people who are going to treat you like you are invisable its not worth the stress