Do you ask something like you stand a chance?

do you guys actually ask if you would stand a chance to be with the girl? cos after a couple of dates with the girl. things just isn't going anywhere..i don't waste my time anymore


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  • That's stupid man. You're playing a dog. Don''t leave yourself open to be manipulated. Man up and keep working at being better with girls. I see how you think you are wasting time, but that's what you gotta do. It's the experience that makes you a better person. Find out what want went wrong and work on it. It may not even be you.

    This is my philosophy: 'If I have to date a million girls, I'll do it to find the one.'

    I'll let you use it for free, cos your my bro.

    • Actually I did. I did not even initiate contact and it seems that she calls me when she's bored and thus I have to be a gentleman and pick up the call

    • Awe that's the most adorable philosophy I've ever heard

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