"We should do it again sometime"?

I had a first date with a guy I met online. We’ve been talking for over 2 weeks and last night was our first date. I thought the date went relatively well, he walked me home and we stood on my stoop kissing for almost an hour. I ended up inviting him inside, but cut it off before anything happened, though I could tell he was interested. He left on a good night, we kissed good night.

I texted him and said “I had a great time tonight :) Thanks” and he responded “I had a good time too :) We should do it again sometime” to which I responded “Definitely. Good night :)” And he said “Goodnight :)”

The “We should do it again sometime” seems pretty disinterested and vague to me, does it actually mean “I’m just being polite and have no interest in seeing you again” ? Or could it really mean that he wants to wants to see me again, just wasn’t setting a specific time?


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  • If he says he wants to do it again it means he wants to do it again.


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