Do girls like bad guys because they are simply bad girls Themselves?

I say I don't care about the girls falling for bad boys thing. Because you like an attract what you are or what compliments you. So therefore if women like bad people they must be bad themselves. I say leave I don't want you anyway because I don't want girls in my life who are bad that like narcistic, self destructive, assholes. or are on an immature part in their lives when they want to get hurt to rebel against mommy and daddy. These girls are emotionally unstable and probably hurt the bad boy than the bad boy hurts her. Bottom line though it won't end well.


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  • In my case I'm considered a goody goody and I like bad boys because it's a rush. Like it brings a different side out of me that I didn't know I had. It kinda feels like I'm alive. And also free from being the goody goody. But I still prefer the sweet and smart guys.


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  • Bad boy. Good girl.

    I don't care for labels. If you're too stupid to know what's good for you, I consider you an idiot and beneath me.

    I wouldn't bother with either the "bad boy" or the "good girl" who isn't smart enough to see obvious traps.

    I like smart people, period. And I'm not talking book intelligence, anyone can be book smart. I'm talking about the kind that make the right choice, at the right time.


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  • they probably want to be. I think it's called living vicariously?


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