Things that high school students do in relationships that annoy me. Do they annoy you too?

things that high school students do in relationships that annoy me. Do they annoy you too?
Girl code. : high school can be a very small place someone is bound to go out with someone else's ex boyfriend or ex-girlfriend and I feel like people should just get over it everyone breaks up for a reason as long as their intentions are pure and not spiteful I don't see what the big deal is however I do understand how something like that could be awkward but after a few months or years it is time to let go

Homewrecker/side chick: can we all just stop calling each other sidekicks and home wreckers for one second? In my opinion you cannot be a homewrecker in high school because you have no home to wreck. No one's high school relationship is that serious and that promised and that solid to the point where they were going to be together after high school. It annoys me how people expect for teenagers to be faithful and monogamous I mean come on!! Grown ass men in their thirties and twenties are not faithful and monogamous!! Talk about being immature talk about being inexperienced talk about being a teenager.

On/off break ups: there is a couple in my school Tyler and Jessica they have been going out for two years however Tyler has leaked a video of Jessica giving him a b****** on snapchat, plus he cheats on Jessica all the time and she is aware of it and they break up on and off so technically they have not been together for 2 years and it deeply annoys me how people break up on and off like that obviously no one knows when to just let go.

Honestly I do not think high school relationships are worth the unnecessary arguing tears, and feelings of hurt and betrayal. I don't think that the h

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  • you can be a home wrecker in highschool there's pleenty of highschoolers not living with parents or a guardian. however even if they dont the term still fits they went for someone with the intentions of destroying their relationship


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  • Most things that high school children do annoy me, to be quite honest.


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  • "Exist" that sets me off


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