Is it wrong that I only want to date below average looking women?

I only have an interest in dating women that are below average looking.
Hey I am just being realistic.


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  • you have condfidence issues.

    • How do I have confidence issues?

    • I am going after people in my league. I am realistic.

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  • why? just why? are you insecure?

    • Cause they are the most chill type of women and I am just being realistic.

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    • it is another topic. you said you do not date hot girls, because they are not nice, but it is untrue... if you date a hot girl you do not owe her anything. she may think she owes you because of your sexy personality...

    • Most attractive women are bitches not all but most. And most attractive and average looking women don't want to date ugly guys. Fact

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