How to make the first move on my brothers friend?

So I met my brothers friend about a year ago camping and I really liked him then and regretted not doing anything with him cause I was too scared and my brother was pissed at me. So I've seen him a few times and even was alone with him once but nothing happened. So a week later after being alone with him my brothers girlfriend told me that he told her he liked me but was too shy to make the first move plus he would feel weird cause of my brother. But my brothers girlfriend talked to my brother and he said he should be fine with it. I will see my brothers friend next month when we all go camping again should I make the first move? What is the first move even? He's a country boy so he has an old flip phone so I don't even know if he texts and I know he doesn't have a Facebook. I'm so happy to hear he likes me but I'm so nervous and shy myself so how do I make the first move?


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  • let him make the first move.


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