Im 15 and I think im in love is that possible?

i met my boyfriend in cadet camp this year on July 12th but the thing is that the first time we met we clicked and we where holding hands and then we kissed its just that he all ready asked me to go to the same school as him when we graduate and i want to. i just feel we click so well but i want to know if you can be in love at are age? help please


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  • Yeah, you can be in love at that age.

    The problem is that at your age, you know jack for shit about romantic relationships, how to handle them properly, or what you really want out of it.

    And neither does your boyfriend.

    Hell, most adults have a hard time figuring this shit out even with plenty of experience under their belts.

    SO, this being the case, it's unlikely that you're going to stay together for long, and a lot of people will dismiss your feelings because they know oh so much better than you do.

    Here's the bottom line. You're young. Enjoy the relationship for what it is in this moment and try not to build up your expectations, and you'll figure things out as you go.


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  • It is possible to like someone when you're 15.

    • im asking about being in love

    • It doesn't matter. There is not that huge of a difference.

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  • Of course it's possible. But to be sure that you're actually in love wait a little more. Perhaps you think that everything is being so great that you are in love and actually you just like him very much. It's great, it's good, what you're feeling, but maybe it's a little bit to early to be called love.

  • 'in love' within less then a month?

    I doubt it. Probably just lust.


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