A guy told me on our 2nd date to text him if I wanted to hang out - I like him but I'm shy & guys I've dated b4 were the ones initiating.. what to do?


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  • Don't ever rely on the fact that he's a guy for him to initiate. If you don't show any interest and take steps yourself, he'll assume you're not interested. He just handed you the opportunity to prove you're not just another girl waiting for him to do all of the work, so take him up on it and invite him out.


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  • Text him? That's what he wants and you need to come out of your shell eventually anyway. Just because the guys you dated in the past were ok with initiating 24/7 it doesn't mean this guy is ok with it. He probably sees initiating as a sign of interest. So if you want to let him know you're interested, simply text him. It's just a text. No big deal. Wouldn't it be boring to you if the guy you liked never initiated anything? Then think about it from his perspective. It's a burden to always be the one who initiates and does all the work.

  • tell him that he should ask you if he wants to.


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