Am I wasting my time?

I've known this guy for a year now. We dated briefly in the past and then lost touch. Back in December, we reconnected and since May we have been dating. We have had sex and recently things have been progressing. Last Saturday, I met his friends and things went really well. My concern is that a month ago, we had a talk about where we stood. He seems scared but I honestly can't read him. When we are together, he seems to give me the world and he super proud to be with me and attentive but still doesn't feel comfortable. He's very insecure. He also claims that in he past he's only had one girlfriend of 6 months and it was long distance. He found out she was talking to other guys. And then there was another girl who he said was a friends with benefits and he found out she was talking to other guys too. I don't know if I'm wasting my time or if he's just slow. He takes forever to respond to my texts at times, I'm always the one asking what day we're going out, I'm always one initiating contact first. I'm just not sure anymore about anything. He seems to be inexperienced. He also claimed he wasn't a virgin when met me but our first time he was like "you gonna have to help me" (I was a virgin). So, I told him I couldn't help and that I thought he had done it before but he said "it's been awhile". I don't think you forget how to have sex. Also, the first few times he would come in under 30secs. We both agreed we like how things are going and want to keep going until things progress or we just decided to end. Am I wasting my time and this will never turn into more or do I need to give it time?


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  • you're wasting your time.


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