Tips for first date with girl I have known for a while?

Ok so me and this girl have worked at the same pool together for the last 3 summers. This is my last summer working there and I really like so I finally grew a pair and asked her if she would be up for hanging out outside of work sometime before summer was up and she said, that would sound great! I'm pretty sure she interpreted this the way I meant it to be, as asking if she would want to go on a date sometime, but im not 100% sure as this conversation happened over text (I know it should have happened in person but the timing was not going to work out and the end of summer/working together is fast approaching). Either way she's on vacation right now but I'm going to send her text a day or so before she's back and ask to take her out to her favorite restaurant and go see a movie. We've known each other for a while and its never been hard to hold a conversation with her. But I'm just asking for any tips people may have as this will be the first time we've been together outside of work and in a dating scenario, also I have never been on a first date with someone whom I have known for a long time prior to the date. Thanks for the help guys and gals!


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  • just be yourself.


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