I came in too strong too quick and she backed away but she's coming around again. What do I do?

Ok so me and this girl have been talking for almost two months. We met online and she told me she wasn't looking for anything serious and I said that's ok let's just get to know eachother. She said she was ok with that. Anyways I got her number we went out on a date and the date went absolutely PERFECT!! My best friend told me this girl she thinks is my soulmate and so far I think she was right. We ended the date with a hug and a light kiss on the lips. She texted me 20 minutes later thanking me for the lovely evening! Then we made plans for a second date. Then one day she never texted me and I got worried and told her I like her and getting to know her and that I hope we are ok. She texted me the next day and reminded me that she's not looking for anything serious not a relationship and that it looks like I'm getting attached too quickly and she's ok with friends. I said that's ok me too like I said I just wanna get to know YYou. So our date got cancelled as she has to help her sister move and then the rest f the month was extremely busy for her (which it really was). She would text me a lot and we talk everyday and she's opened up to me about past relationships and how she's fallen too fast to think clearly and all that stuff. She's trusted men just to have them laugh in her face and she grew up without a father so daddy issues. Anyways she finally made plans with me to go out next week and it's set in stone and she said she looks forward. To it. Here's my theory: I came on too strong, she got scared away, I gave her space which made her trust me and she puts up walls so she doesn't feel vulnerable with guys as she's been hurt. Never been in a serious relationship over 3 months. I think she's serious about me and wants to make sure she's interested in me before getting serious. She clearly likes me all the signs point that way other than a few of her words which don't really agree with her actions. Thoughts?


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  • It just means he just ended things with someone and now she's coming back to you because you're safe

    • Nope!! She's the type that's brutally honest I guarantee you she didn't end anything and there was no one else. She was out of town basically the whole month with family reunions and friends birthdays among other things. There was no time for her to date anyone else plus if there was someone else she wouldn't be texting me like she was. She's a nice down to earth woman! I see your point though but highly unlikely

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