Why does he keep playing games?

Bad situation but I met this guy over social media he DMed me flirting with me etc. I started talking to him over FaceTime and I thought he was really cute he liked me and he shared about his past relationship then things got heated he saw me unclothed he liked it obviously but he said that he had to stop thinking so sexual so he asked if we could be friends I was pissed and said no and so he blocked me and stopped talking to me..
after a while I started to miss him and I didn't like how it ended so I told him I wanted him to unblock me.. He kept hesitating saying I would turn him on because he would see my face and my body blah blah.. After so much begging he finally did...
then he kept texting me saying how much he likes me wants me I know it was bullshit but I did want to be friends with him.. For some reason every time I ask him to talk to me like a conversation he won't do it like he's scared or something. So I asked him to FaceTime me to talk he turned it into a jack off session I didn't show him anything but he hung up on me gave me the excuse that his phone broke but next the day I called him from a different number and he answered... I called him out he hung up of course then the next day texts me saying "Hey"
i know I made a lot of mistakes I'm not in the mood to hear comments like "well you showed him your body "calm down I'm human!
i just want to understand from a guys perspective or girls why he did this!! Makes no sense to me!
even when I asked him to tell me whether or not he likes me or not or if I'm bothering him and he kept skipping over the question
why couldn't he be honest


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  • he's just a player.


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