How do I date as a woman in power?

I'm finding it hard getting dates in my current profession. most of the guys I meet are in the same field as I'm in, & see me in a place of power, so won't go there. this is the deal - I work in the music industry in a town that is definitely a music town. I work as a music promoter & publicist, & know a ton of people in high places. the guys I'm attracted to are in bands I book & promote, as the profession is definitely in a sex driven field. sex, drugs, rock n roll, you know (but I don't do drugs, however I like to drink some). anyhow, working closely together in a creative field can be very bonding, & very stimulating. I've had luck with guys who've I booked & promoted, however, one actually had to back off a bit 'cos he didn't want to get involved & maybe mess up the connection his band had in me. it's also a bit of 'don't dip your pen in the company ink' - the co-worker rule. further, some guys see me as a woman in power & put me on a pedestal. it makes it very difficult to date! I don't know what to do. I'm totally pro & modern - I can date someone I work with & be mature enough to not let it get in the way of a professional relationship. why can't more men be like that? btw, I have dated quite a bit before I got in this profession, so I know I'm date-able! & I get compliments a lot - have a great personality, fun taste, intelligent, & a great body. input anyone?


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  • No. You can't date a guy you work with. You might be cooo with that: the world says "No. Not even drummers. No."

    Date men whose careers are not affected by yours. People will will not be scared of hurting you, of having to avoid you, of being seen as dependent on your patronage. The audience, for example, will be full of them. I'm another one. There are lots of us.

    Find self-confident men. Community leaders. Businessmen. Creative people. Professional people. Political organisers. They don't need to know you to feel your qualities.

    The hitch: you'll work evenings. You'll work long hours. It won't be easy to find time. That's why I mentioned the audience. It's full of men who share your interest in the same kind of music.

  • If the relationship doesn't work out, most men can be sued for sexual harassment and lose their job. Same thing isn't true for the woman, though. The type of men who don't dip their pens in company ink are the ones who value their job more than a piece of ass.


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