Should I talk to him or just walk away?

We've met a month ago, and started dating for 3 weeks. We've been out alone for about 5 times. He's been texting me everyday, although many of those were like one liners. Never have deeper chat.

There was a chance I just wanted to get some answers from him because his actions confused me. He was very much physically affection with me sometimes, the other times he was really pulled out. He only put me in between his schedules, which pissed me a lot as well. I never meant to push for a decision for just a few weeks of dating, but I didn't want him to purely take advantages from me. He said he wasn't those guys be affectionate to girls he wasn't interested in and wanted to know me slowly from things like hanging out.

I am not sure if I believe him thoroughly because his actions still speak otherwise. There are traits that he may cool down or he maybe playing games. I feel anxious. He was interested in me because I was a fun and playful girl at the beginning, but I have been acting in front of people. I have been on and off struggling with some issues and I am tired out of acting positive all the time. I want things to work well, but a male friend told me to ditch him because he wasn't putting efforts to make me happy or to show that he truly wants more from us.

He seems like not a bad guy but his maturaity level isn't following mine and his expectation seems different. He stops texting me for 2 days. Should I put myself and talk to him? Or should we just both fade out and let it be?


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  • Just let it be.


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