Plenty of Mixed Signals?

So I went out with this girl two weeks ago. We talked on the phone the night before and when I told her my nationality she made a joke about it right away. Wasn't offended at all but I was taken aback since I don't know this person at all, it would've been different had we known each other. Also told me my home state was lame during our convo. During the date she tells me I'm lame for not having any tattoos although she later claimed to be joking but I thought she was half-serious. She said the fact that I don't have any tattoos means I don't have any serious commitments and am not committed to anything. She also asked me why I don't have a girlfriend. We also ended up walking two hours to her car as opposed to hopping a cab after we left the bar and we were holding hands throughout the duration of that walk. She also offered me a ride home but because of the mixed signals I felt like I was getting I told her my place was out of the way and I'd just hop a cab. My question: is this girl interested or does she actually think I'm lame? Did she offer me a ride home because she was interested or because she was being nice?


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  • I don't know but I wouldn't recommend you to keep pursuing her based on the things you said.


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  • Many females, young and old, do the same thing with boys they like: Try to hurt them. This is an age-old behavior. With little girls, they hit the boy they like. With adult women, they will say unkind things, either to exercise dominance and arrogance, or simply to wound.

    That's probably what she was doing.

    What I've learned--in just the past year--is that if you do not tolerate a woman's aggression--if you respond with very a very frank rejection of the unkindness--often the woman will immediately become very sweet and accomodating. I've seen this again and again. It's been an eye-opener.


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