Girls have you ever had a boyfriend fart loudly in public and blame it on you? Guys have you ever done this to a girlfriend?


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  • What the.. xD

    • I hope you are not judging me I posted this question in fun.

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    • It would have been so embarrassing for her.

    • Poor lady ;o

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  • Nope but after talking to you I am going to buy a fart machine and blame it on the girls

    • Good! LOL haha. Don't forget to buy fart spray to haha.

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    • There also was the time I farted loudly at university reasonably close to this sexy blonde haired babe and she found it so funny she lost it in laughter. She could not control her laughter, it was like she was going to lay an egg, she was pretty much laughing so hard she was crying. She laughed about the fart I did that hard for about a minute and then had trouble getting herself under control again. I thought awesome a sexy blonde babe that finds farting that funny. :) Anyway good night.

    • Good storys keep them coming again soon. Ok Good Night

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  • No but it sounds like a great idea.

    • Would you think it is funny if your boyfriend farted loudly and blamed you so everyone in public thought it was you? or are you saying that sound like a good idea for you to do to a boyfriend?

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