Girls, "Maybe. I'll let you know," but huge smile?

I have multiple worksites. I met a girl who started working at one a couple weeks ago. We made small talk for three or four days, it was light and friendly. Finally I asked her out as she was passing me in the hall. She got a huge smile and told me "Maybe, I'll let you know." She also mentioned she had just ended another relationship recently and had been kinda emotionally unstable, even took a day off work. She told me it took balls to ask her out too. She said she'd been asked by like 2 or 3 other guys as well. I told her I wasn't suprised. She was pretty much smiling the whole time. Later we even shared a work break and talked about other things, normal conversation. Before I left I told her I'd be waiting for "maybe" to become a "yes" but I didn't mind boosting her self esteem, in a joking way. Guess my question is, am I playing this right? Does she seem interested and do I ask again in a few days, possibly going bigger or smaller on the date?


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  • > am I playing this right? = Spot on, me thinks
    > Does she seem interested = Yes, indeed but just window shopping for now
    > do I ask again in a few days = Well, if accomplished in non-pressure sales way, just as reminder or better - a new event was just posted & you don't want to go alone... "this doesn't have to be a date", please
    > possibly going bigger or smaller on the date? = I have to guess that this means "the date" aka "bait" might be more enticing if more or lesser a big deal? If so, the get together could be less a date (see above) but the content must always be more gal-fun, less guy-fun. e. g. dancing would be a great boon to your status but might be too much at first when a cozy art show w/wine or new bistro might serve as better icebreakers

    • On the going bigger or smaller thing I was thinking smaller is like coffee, bigger would be like planning an all day date, two or three things, and telling her I want her to join me.

      My other guess is the "I'll let you know" part isn't true. She wants me to ask again, right?

    • Right
      but may not a carbon copy of what you did before... she remembers what you want... now dress it up a bit more via subtle references

  • If she said "I will let you know" take her word, she will let you know. Do not ask her again because that may seem a bit desperate. Just wait some more days and if she doesn't let you know... She is probably not over her past relationship or she might not be interested.


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